Institute for Digital Media Education


The team of the Institute for Educational Governance conceives, organizes and evaluates the teaching of Initial Teacher Education and Continuous Professional Development for digital media education for educators of all school types and all age groups. It accompanies and counsels schools, other educational institutions and thematically corresponding educational networks and educational regions in quality development in media pedagogical, media didactical and information technological questions of teaching, school and personal development.

The team conducts research on media pedagogical and media didactical questions and cooperates regionally, nationally and internationally. It disseminates its research findings and products in the teaching and counselling of the professional community as well as in scientific publications and at congresses in the scientific community. The Institute runs the two practical workshops RadioIgel&IgelTV and the Digital Learning Lab. The Regional Didactic Centre for Computer Sciences is also located here. The Institute for Digital Media Education is not an institute according to § 16 HG 2005, but is active in all its tasks throughout the entire University College of Teacher Education Styria.

Core tasks of the Institute are the conception, coordination, implementation and evaluation of

  • Initial Teacher Education for the focus on media pedagogy at Primary Teacher Education and computer science at Secondary Teacher Education (cooperation TU Graz)
  • Continuous Professional Development for educators of information technology, media education and media didactics
  • Continuous Professional Development in subject-specific university courses of studies
  • the internal Continuous Professional Development for the personal development of the University College of Teacher Education Styria in the subject-specific field
  • the practical workshop Campusradio RadioIgel and Campus-TV IgelTV
  • the practical workshop Digital Learning Lab
  • the Regional Didactic Centre for Computer Sciences
  • research and development projects in digital media education
  • the dissemination of research findings and products



HS-Prof. Mag. Thorsten Jarz

Deputy Head of Institute

Prof. Mag. Dr. Johannes Dorfinger

Deputy Head of Institute



Elfriede Losinschek

Office Management, Support-Coordination

PH-Online and SPO

PH-Online and SPO

Karl Pirolt


Markus Herbst

Markus Herbst

SPO Management


Lecturers Silvana Aureli, BEd

Media Pedagogy, eEducation primary level

Mag. Florian Dovecar

Learning Management System

Andreas Führer, BEd MA

Computer Science lower secondary level

Prof. Wolfgang Kolleritsch, BEd

Media Education, Radioigel & IgelTV

Prof. Mag. Arno Logar

Computer Science Didactics

Georg Reisner, BEd

eEducation primary level

Martin Zwischenberger

Radioigel & IgelTV

HS-Prof. Ing. Mag. DI Dr. Harald

Media Education and Computer Science

Michaela Frieß, BEd

eEducation secondary level

Mag. Klaus Groier

Radioigel & IgelTV

Manuel Krknjak, BEd

Media Education

Harald Meyer

Prof. Harald Meyer, BEd MA

Coordination Continuing Professional Development lower secondary level

Mag. Dr. Eike Walter Roschger

Computer Science Didactics

Christina Fruhwirth, BEd MSc

eEducation primary level

Prof. Leo Köberl

Computer Science Didactics

Prof. Dieter Langgner

Coordination Continuing Professional Development primary level and Education Innovation Studio, Media Education, Mobile Learning

Prof. Mag. Reinhard Pristonig

Computer Science Didactics, Learning Management System

Sigrid Wozonig

Digital Learning Lab, St. Leonhard




University College of Teacher Education Styria
Institute for Digital Media Education
Hasnerplatz 12
8010 Graz

phone: +43 316 8067 6802

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