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Institute for Education Practice and Practitioner Research

Silke Luttenberger


The team of the Institute for Education Practice and Practitioner Research conceives, organizes and evaluates the pedagogical-practical studies of the teacher education studies Primary Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Education and Secondary Vocational Teacher Education of the University College of Teacher Education Styria, the University of Graz, the University of Music and Performing Arts and the University of Technology Graz. In the spirit of the professionalization continuum, it coordinates, after the internships in the teacher education studies, the Continuous Professional Development for the career entry and the Continuous Professional Development for mentors.

The focus is on the acquisition of educational, scientific and didactic knowledge for the development of teaching competence. However, it is also essential to support and counsel students, young teachers and mentors in systematically reflecting on their own teaching and school activities through practical research. The team of the centre conducts research on practice-oriented teacher education and develops it further based on evidence. The Centre for Applied Pedagogical Studies, which is run jointly with the University of Graz, is assigned to the Institute and organises internships for all universities in Styria that offer teacher education programmes. The institute is active in all its tasks throughout the entire University College of Teacher Education Styria. 

Core tasks of the Institute are the conception, coordination, implementation and evaluation of

  • Initial Teacher Education in the pedagogical-practical studies of the Bachelor's and Master's programmes for Primary Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Education as well as Secondary Vocational Teacher Education
  • Continuous Professional Development for the career entry of graduates of all teacher education studies
  • Continuous Professional Development for the qualification and professionalization of the mentors of the training schools
  • the support of practical research activities of university college teachers, students and mentors in the pedagogical-practical studies
  • Continuous Professional Development in subject-specific university courses of studies
  • the Centre for Applied Pedagogical Studies
  • research and development projects in selected areas of pedagogical-practical studies at national and international level
  • the dissemination of research findings and products




Birgit Muhr


Team of the Institute

Team of the Institute

Renate Bindar, BEd

Profession-oriented Teaching Internship

HS-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Katharina

Internship VS, Practitioner Research

Angelika Kornberger, BEd MA

Internship Master Programme primary level

Gabriela Kriebitz

Mag.a Gabriela Kriebitz

Internship BMHS

Mag.a Bernadette Nagl

Induction Phase, Master Programme of Teacher Education for Secondary Schools

Nadine Hofbauer, BEd

Internship Inclusion (VS)

Prof.in Mag.a Anita Recher

Continuing Teacher Education Mentoring

Birgit Spiegel-Neumann

Birgit Spiegel-Neumann, MEd

Accompanied Career Entry primary level

Mag.a Agnes Koschuta

Induction Phase, Master Programme for Teacher Education for Secondary Schools

Anita Magnes

Mag.a Dr.in Anita Magnes

Internhsip BMHS, Mentoring Didactics

Jutta Nais

Mag.a Jutta Nais

Internship AHS

Prof.in Elisabeth Pronegg, BEd

Internship Vocational Education

Mag.a Anneliese Richter

Internship BMHS

Michael Strohmaier

Michael Strohmaier

Profession-Oriented Teaching Internship

Prof. Alfred Fauland

Internship VS

Prof.in Silvia Kopp-Sixt, BEd MA

Continuing Teacher Education Mentoring, Practitioner Research

HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Georg Krammer

Practitioner Research

Annette Moser

DI Harald Pilz

Continuing Teacher Education Mentoring

Claudia Seidler, BEd MA

Pedagogical-Practical Studies of Additional Studies Programme of primary level, Master Mentoring



Elisabeth Angenbauer
Mag.a Katharina Aringer
MMag. Andreas Barth
Mag.a Ute Baumgartner, BA
Mag.a Katrin Baumgartner-Gonzales-Jimenez
Mag.a Elke Beder-Hubmann
MMag.a Dr.in Katharina Berger
Mag. Andreas Berghold
Mag.a Laura Bergmann
Mag.a Eva-Maria Bernhard
Prof.in Mag.a Susanne Beyer-Reicht
Mag.a Karin Bogensperger
MMag.a Evelyn Brandl-Oblasser, MA
Mag.a Britta Maria Breser
Martina Ceru-Eibinger

Mag.a Monika Clark
Nikolaus Cliotis, MA
Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Karin da Rocha
Mag.a Bettina Dauphin
Mag.a Eva-Maria Deisl
MMag.a Ulrike Del Cueto Lopez
Mag.a Margit Delefant
Mag. Harald Dier
MMag. Klaus Dorfegger
Daniel Dulle, BEd MEd
Mag.a Dr.in Indira Durakovic
Prof. Dipl.-Päd. Johann Eck, MA
Mag.a Nina Egger
Mag. Jürgen Ehrenmüller
Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Eibel
Veronika Eigler, BEd
Dipl.-Ing.in Mag.a Dr.in Barbara Maria Enkoller
Mag.a Petra Erkinger
HS-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Evelyn Erlitz-Lanegger
Mag. Anton Falk
HS-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Renate Faschingbauer
Mag.a Karin Fasser
Andrea Fauland, BEd
Ernestine Feldhofer
Karin Feldhofer
Mag.a Susanne Felber
Mag.a Magdalena Fink
Mag. Rainer Fink
HS-Prof.in Mag.a Justina Flanschger, BEd
Sigrid Fleischhacker-Diernberger, BEd MSc
Mag. Michael Fresner
Dipl.-Päd.in Mag.a Eva Freytag, BEd
Mag. Dr. Florian Freytag
Prof.in Sabine Fritz, BEd MA
Mag. DDr. Patrick-Michel Frühmann
Andreas Führer, BEd MA
Mag. Dan Funk
Katrin Gamperl, BEd
Mag. Reinhard Gande
Mag.a Elisabeth Gaugl
Prof.in Mag.a Patricia Geider, Bakk.a
Dr.in Ingrid Gehrke
Mag. Dr. Robert Geretschlöger
Dipl.-Päd.in Monika Gigerl, BEd MA
Mag.a Ingrid Glawar
Prof.in Mag.a Karin Gollowitsch
Mag.a Sylvia Grangl
Mag.a Dr.in Irmgard Greinix
Prof. Engelbert Gressl
Mag. Johannes Grün
Gerlinde Gsell
Birgit Gutsche
Prof.in Mag.a Agnes Haidacher-Horn
Dipl.-Päd.in Tamara Haim, BEd
Sigrid Haydo-Prugger
Mag. Dr. Franz Halbartschlager
Mag.a Silke Hammer
Mag. Johannes Hanel
Maria Hanzl, BEd
Mag.a Tanja Harrich
HS-Prof.in Dr.in Erika Hasenhüttl
MMag. Dr. Andreas Hausberger
Elisabeth Heiligenbrunner, MSc
Mag. Werner Heinzel
Mag. Heimo Hergan
Mag.a Sieglinde Hirschmann
Prof.in Silvia Hiebler, MAS MSc
Mag. Johannes Hödl
MMag.a Dr.in Elke Höfler
Mag. Gernot Höfler
Mag.a Eva Theresia Hofer-Hermuth
Prof.in Angelika Holzer, MA
IL Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Andrea Holzinger
Mag.a Christa Horn
Mag.a Martina Huber-Kriegler
Mag.a Josefine Jaritz
HS-Prof. Mag. Thorsten Jarz
Mag.a Dorrit Jauk, MA
Mag.a Dr.in Marion Jelitzka
Prof. Mag. Karl Jöbstl, MAS
Mag. Hermann Kainbacher
Mag.a Daniela Kamper
Mag.a Silke Kamper, MA
Mag. Andreas Kaplan
Prof.in Gerda Kernbichler, BEd MA
Mag.a Andrea Kern-Wolf
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Dieter Kerschagl, MA
Mag. Markus Kerschbaumer
Mag. Günther Kienzl, BEd
Mag. Siegfried Kleemair
Mag.a Elisabeth Klemm

Dr.in Iris Klima
Mag.a Susanne Knauseder
Mag.a Waltraud Knechtl
Prof.in Elfriede Koller, BEd
HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Roman Koller
Prof.in Mag.a Ursula Komposch
Prof.in Andrea Köstenbauer, BEd MA
Kathrin Kovacs, BEd
Prof.in Gundula Krausnecker, MA
Mag.a Michaela Kraker
Mag.a Michaela Kreutler
Manuel Krknjak, BEd
Mag.a Maria Kröpfl
Mag. Dr. Klaus Krottmayer
Mag.a Anke Lammer
Johannes Lammer, BEd
Mag. Christof Lamot
Birgit Lancsak
Mag.a Tanja Lang
Mag. Thomas Lang
Dipl.-Päd. Prof. Dieter Langgner

Mag.a Marianne Langwieser
Prof.in Katharina Lanzmaier-Ugri, BEd

Mag.a Dr.in Inge Ledun-Kahlig
Mag. Peter Leitner
Prof.in Dr.in Gerda Lichtberger
Mag.a Ramona Lichtenegger
IL Prof.in Mag.a Susanne Linhofer
Prof. Ewald Linhofer
Prof. Mag. Arno Logar
Daniela Longhino, BEd
Angela Lüftenegger, BEd
Mag. Michael Luger
Prof.in Mag.a Claudia Luttenberger, BEd
Prof. Mag. Helmut Maier, Bakk.
Mag.a Eveline Maitz
Dr. Georg Marschnig
Dipl.-Päd.in HS-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Marlies Matischek-Jauk
Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Mayr
Mag.a Barbara McCloud
Monika Meier, MEd
Dipl.-Päd.in Brigitte Missethan
Mag. Martin Möderl
Mag.a Gabriele Molterer-Mayer
HS-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Daniela Moser

Mag.a Dunja Moser
Mag.a Dr.in Annette Moser
Mag.a Andrea Moser-Pacher
Sabine Moser-Steyer, BEd
Prof. Peter Much, BEd MA
Monika Mussner-Kiklin, MBA
Mag. Markus Neubauer
Mag.a Dr.in Claudia Neubauer
HS-Prof. Mag. Christian Neuper
Mag. Rudolf Neuwirt
Mag.a Giulia Nosari
Mag.a Pia Oberdorfer
Dipl.-Päd.in Clara Obrecht, Bakk.a
MMag.a Daniela Omann
Dr.in Renate Oswald
Mag.a Gabriele Payer-Zankl
Prof.in Ingrid Perl
Mag.a Gabriele Pfeifer
Rudolf Pföhs
Mag. Josef Pichlbauer
Prof. Mag. Ernst Pichler
Mag. Wolfgang Amadeus Pichler
Prof.in Dr.in Gonda Pickl
Mag.a Lydia Pieber, MSc
Dipl.-Päd.in Petra Pieber
HS-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Maria-Elisabeth Pietsch
Mag.a Dr.in Alice Pietsch
Mag.a Marlies Pirchegger
Mag.a Elisabeth Pirker
Dipl.-Päd.in Barbara Plamenik
Mag. Helmut Pollanetz
Mag.a Dr.in Elisabeth Pölzleitner
Mag.a Christa Preis
Prof.in Mag.a Martina Preisegger
Eva Pucher
Mag.a Evelyn Pucher
Mag. Wolfgang Radl, MA
Prof.in Manuela Radler, MA
Mag. Moritz Radner
Prof.in Mag.a Rosa Maria Ranner, BEd
Mag. Hannes Rassi
Mag. Dr. Gerhard Rath
Prof.in Mag.a Karin Rath
Mag.a Sabrina Rauchenwald
Mag. Franz Rauscher
Prof.in Mag.a Anita Recher
HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Erich Reichel
Prof.in Mag.a Elisabeth Reicher-Pirchegger
Mag. Franz Werner Reischl
Prof.in Mag.a Sabine Reissner
Prof.in Michaela Reitbauer, BEd MA
Mag. Rene Remschnigg
Edeltraud Richter
Prof.in Brigitte Riegler
Mag. Peter Rindler
Roland Rodler, BEd
Gabriele Rogen, MEd
Mag.a Dr.in Helga Rogl
Mag.a Sabine Röhrig
Mag.a Gabriele Rohringer
Mag. Josef Rumpf
Prof.in Sylvia Sabathi
HRin Mag.a Hermine Sackl
Mag.a Petra Samberger
Mag. Erich Sammer
Mag.a Ulrike Saringer Maier
Mag. Johannes Schaflechner
Mag.a Ursula Schatz
Prof. Harald Schaut
Ing. Hans Scherr
MMag. Stephan Schicker
Dipl.-Päd.in Gertraud Schinnerl
Mag. Gernot Schirmbacher
Prof.in Claudia Schmid, BEd
Ernestine Schmidt, BEd
Mag. Josef Schnedl
Mag.a Birgit Schneider
Dipl.-Päd.in Veronika Schneider, MAS
Mag.a Concetta Schneller
Mag.a Ursula Schriefl
Dr.in Birgit Schöffmann-Petri
Mag.a Birgit Schöner-Windisch
Mag.a Evelin Schröttner
Prof. Dipl.-Päd. Richard Schulz-Kolland, BEd
Mag.a Maria Schütky
Mag.a Daniela Schwaiger
Ingrid Schwarz-Steffe
Anita Schweinzer
Mag. Bernhard Seidl
Dipl.-Päd.in Gabriele Sickl, BEd
Mag. Jörg Silldorff
Dr. Uwe Simon
Mag. Harald Simonitsch
Andrea Singer
Katharina Somma, BEd
Daniela Sonnleitner, BEd
MMag. Gernot Spindelböck
Dipl.-Päd.in Katja Stangl, BEd MA
Mag. Markus Steiner
Barbara Steinscherer-Silly, BEd MSc
Prof.in Mag.a Helga Stenzel
Prof. Mag. Arnd Stöckl
Mag. Bernd Stremitzer
Mag. Friedrich Strempfl
Mag.a Dagmar Stücklschweiger
Mag.a Heidemarie Szyszkowitz
Dipl.-Päd.in Christiane Tanzmayr, MEd
Silvia Taylor
Dipl.-Päd.in Andrea Tekautz
Bettina Teubl Knor
Mag.a Renate Teufelberger
Dr.in Karin Thierrichter
HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Reinhard Tschiesner
Prof.in Mag.a Gerlinde Uhlir
Mag. Gregor Ulz
Dr.in Marieluise Vesulak
Mag.a Andrea Vidak
Mag.a Heidelinde Völkl
Mag.a Irmgard Vollmann
DI Dr. techn. Gerhard Vrisk, MSc
Mag.a Barbara Waldner
Bernd-Michael Walter
Mag. Martin Walzel
Prof. Mag. Dr. Helmut Weber
Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Renate Weber
Mag.a Béatrice Weinzettl
VRin Mag.a Dr.in Regina Weitlaner
Prof. Wolfgang Werner
MMag.a Nora Wiesauer
Mag. Anton Wieser
Mag. Josef Wieser
Mag.a Andrea Winkler
Markus Winkler
Mag.a Elisabeth Wörter
Mag.a Anita Zangl
Dipl.-Päd.in Sonja Zavertanik, BEd
HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Günter Zechner
Mag. Dr. Ludwig Zeier
Mag. Gernot Zirker
Christina Zöhrer, BEd
Prof. Dr. Josef Zollneritsch
Karin Zotter



University College of Teacher Education Styria
Institute for Education Practice and Practitioner Research
Hasnerplatz 12
8010 Graz

phone: +43 316 8067 6502
mail: praxis@phst.at

Photos: M. Größler / PHSt, edited by fiedlerphoto.com