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Institute for Educational Governance

Brigitte Pelzmann


The team of the Institute for Educational Governance conceives, organizes and evaluates the teaching of Initial Teacher Education and Continuous Professional Development for applied systems sciences with a focus on the educational system of educators of all school types and all ages. It counsels schools, school teams, other educational institutions, thematically relevant education networks and education regions on quality development. Finally, it qualifies and professionalises educators for leadership tasks in the education sector.

The team's school development advisors, who are qualified in systems sciences, analyze the interrelationships within the complex system of education with the aim of explaining its behaviour and being able to influence its development. The team of the Institute manages projects to accompany the development of the General and Vocational Education quality and carries out subject-specific research and development. The Competence Centres for educational standards and for school internal Continuous Professional Development are located here. The Institute for Educational Governance works in all its tasks throughout the entire University College of Teacher Education Styria.

Core tasks of the Institute are the conception, coordination, implementation and evaluation of

  • Initial Teacher Education in applied systems sciences with a focus on organisation and the educational system in Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes for Primary Teacher Education, Secondary Teacher Education and Secondary Vocational Teacher Education
  • Continuous Professional Development in applied systems sciences for the qualification and professionalization of leaders in education
  • Continuous Professional Development in subject-specific university courses of studies
  • the counselling for evidence-based quality management in educational organisations and educational regions
  • the internal Continuous Professional Development for the personal development of the University College of Teacher Education Styria in the subject-specific field
  • the Competence Centres for educational standards and for school internal Continuous Professional Development
  • research and development projects in educational governance, systems sciences, educational sociology, organizational, personal and quality development and consulting sciences
  • the dissemination of research findings and products



Prof.in Mag.a Olivia de Fontana

Deputy Head of Institute



Birgit Kohl




Mag.a Elisabeth Mitterschiffthaler

Competence Centre SCHiLF/SCHüLF AHS, School Development Consultant

Prof.in Sabine Fritz, BEd MA

Competence Centre SCHiLF/SCHüLF APS, School Development Consultant

Karin Zotter, BEd BA

State Coordinator BIST

Karina Fernandez

HS-Prof.in Mag.a Dr.in Karina

Educational Sociology, Quality Development

Prof.in Kornelia Kolleritsch, BEd MA

School Development Consultant

Sigrid Fleischhacker-Diernberger

Sigrid Fleischhacker-Diernberger,

School Development Consultant, Lesson Studies

Prof.in Mag.a Hildegard Sturm

Professional Education, School Development Consultant



University College of Teacher Education Styria
Institute for Educational Governance
Ortweinplatz 1
8010 Graz

phone: +43 316 8067 6702
mail: governance@phst.at

Photos: M. Größler / PHSt, edited by fiedlerphoto.com