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Institute for Secondary Vocational Teacher Education

Thorsten Jarz


The team of the Institute for Secondary Vocational Teacher Education conceives, organizes and evaluates the Initial Teacher Education and Continuous Professional Development for teachers of Secondary Vocational Teacher Education. In the field of Initial Teacher Education, it cooperates with its partners in the South-East Development Association for all Vocational School subjects taught in Vocational Secondary and Higher Education schools. It accompanies and counsels Secondary Vocational Teacher Education schools as well as thematically relevant education networks and education regions in the development of subject-related teaching.

The team of the Institute conducts research in selected fields of vocational subject-specific didactics and subject sciences and cooperates regionally, nationally and internationally. Its research findings and products are disseminated in the teaching and counselling of the professional community as well as in scientific publications and at congresses in the scientific community. The institute has a canteen kitchen and a dining hall in the sense of study workshops.

Core tasks of the Institute are the conception, coordination, implementation and evaluation of

  • Initial Teacher Education in the Bachelor's and Master’s programmes for Secondary Vocational Teacher Education in the fields of Vocational Teaching Education, Technology and Commerce, Nutrition, Applied Digitalisation, Social Affairs as well as Education, Training and Development Support
  • Initial Teacher Education in the Bachelor's and Master’s programmes of the subject-specific, supplementary studies for Secondary Vocational Teacher Education
  • Continuous Professional Development for teachers in Vocational Teacher Education and the Vocational Polytechnic Schools
  • Continuous Professional Development in subject-specific university courses of studies
  • the study workshops canteen kitchen and dining hall
  • research and development projects for Vocational School subject teaching in Vocational Teacher Education
  • the dissemination of research findings and products





Platzhalter Helga Fellner

Helga Fellner


Team of the Institute

Team of the Institute

Maria-Rita Aichholzer

Maria-Rita Aichholzer, BEd

Schultypenkoordination Polytechnische Schulen, 
Studienleiterin Erweiterungsstudien Polytechnic School

Günter Drobits

Ing. Günter Drobits, MSc

Studienleiter Erweiterungsstudien §38d, Leitung HLG Arbeitswelt 4.0

Mag.a Bettina Hinkel

Konzeption Fortbildung - Informationstechnologien in der Berufsbildung

Sindy Magnet

Mag.a Sindy Magnet

Konzeption Fortbildung - Fremdsprachen in der Berufsbildung

Anneliese Richter

Mag.a Anneliese Richter

Schultypenkoordination Kaufmännische Schulen

Marietta Vaterl

Mag.a Marietta Vaterl

Schultypenkoordination Technische und Gewerbliche Schulen, 
Konzeption Fortbildung Persönlichkeitsbildung

MMag.a Dr.in Ulrike De Buigné

Konzeption Fortbildung - Wirtschaft, Ethik 
Gesamtkoordination SCHILF/SCHÜLF

DI Thomas Eibel


Gundal Krausneker

Prof.in Gundula Krausneker, MA

Studienleiterin Fachbereich Ernährung

Mag.a Bettina Pflug

Schultypenkoordination Humanberufliche Schulen
Konzeption Fortbildung - Deutsch, ILB

Dipl.-Päd.in Veronika Schneider,MAS

Konzeption Fortbildung - Ernährung

MMag.a Maria Steiner

Studienleitung Fortbildung, Leitung HLG Beratung und Coaching für Lehrerinnen und Lehrer

HS-Prof. Mag. Dr. Günter Zechner

Studienleiter Fachbereiche der Dualen Berufsausbildung sowie Technik & Gewerbe
Studienleiter Facheinschlägige Studien ergänzende Studien
Studienleiter Fachbereich Erziehung Bildung und Entwicklungsbegleitung
Studienleiter Fachbereich Soziales

Sonja Draxler

Dr.in Sonja Draxler

Konzeption Fortbildung - Naturwissenschaften und Mathematik

Eva Fabian

Mag.a Eva Fabian, BEd


Mag.a Roswitha Krenn, Bakk.a BEd

Konzeption Fortbildung - Berufsschulen

Harald Pöltl

Ing. Harald Pöltl, BEd

Konzeption Fortbildung - Berufsschulen

Thomas Schwarzl

DI (FH) Thomas Schwarzl, BEd

Studienleiter Erweiterungsstudium berufsbezogene Fremdsprache Englisch an Berufsschulen
Schultypenkoordination Berufsschulen

Viktoria Taucher

Viktoria Taucher

Mag.a Viktoria Taucher, BA MA

Schultypenkoordination Bildungsanstalten für Elementarpädagogik und Bildungsanstalten für Sozialpädagogik

Prof. DI Harald Zeiner

Studienleiter Fachbereich Information & Kommunikation (Angewandte Digitalisierung)





University College of Teacher Education Styria
Institute for Secondary Vocational Teacher Education
Theodor-Körner-Straße 38
8010 Graz

phone: +43 316 8067 6302
mail: berufspaedagogik@phst.at

Photos: M. Größler / PHSt, edited by fiedlerphoto.com