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The University College of Teacher Education Styria is a nationally and internationally recognised tertiary educational and research institution for initial teacher education and continuing professional development of educators as well as for advising schools and other educational institutions on quality development. Its internationality is based on its self-conception as a university college of diversity for educators, its distiction as UNESCO University College and on its focus on education for openness to the world. This internationality manifests itself in the development and documentation of strategies, the promotion of mobility for students and staff, the programms for educators enhancing interculturality  and plurilingualism and in numerous cooperation activities in teaching and research.



Vital for the University College´s internationality  is its versatile exchange programm for students, lecturers and staff with over 70 partneruniversities all over the world:

Languages & Cultures

The Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Teacher Development 




University College of Teacher Education Styria Campus South
Institute of Diversity Studies and International Relations
Ortweinplatz 1, 8010 Graz

phone: +43 316 8067 6602
mail: international@phst.at, diversitaet@phst.at

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