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Teacher Education for Multilingual and Multicultural Settings

Buchcover Teacher Education for Multilingual and Multicultural SettingsIncreased cultural and linguistic diversity in classrooms throughout Europe is creating a great challenge for teachers, resulting in a profound need to adequately prepare teachers and other experts to teach in multilingual and multicultural settings. The ENTEP book at hand can be considered as a response to the challenges connected to increased cultural and linguistic diversity in classroom. It represents a series of significant contributions by several European experts who are either official ENTEP members or who dedicate their expertise to ENTEP with themes deriving from various important aspects of this topic. The recommendations and elaborations herein on theory and practice within the chosen topic intend to stimulate, inspire and enrich further discussion and professional discourse among policy makers, teachers, teacher educators, and researchers in teacher education institutions, student teachers and other stakeholders in the field, as well as the wider school community. They address substantial issues to be pursued in European teacher education and in particular highlight the need to further facilitate and intensify EU-wide research and support for quality improvement of teachers' work in the presented thematic examples. It should also promote new concepts and approaches for teaching with engaged political strategic interventions in the various current challenges in European member states.

Messner, E., Worek, D., & Pecek, M. (Eds.). (2016). Teacher Education for Multilingual and Multicultural Settings. Studienreihe der PHSt, Bd. 7. Graz: Leykam.

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