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Cooperation with CRRU Thailand

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Foto: M. Grabner / PHSt

16. Juni 2021 – The University of Teacher Education Styria and the Chiang Rai Rajabhat University in Thailand have been carrying out a fruitful cooperation since 2018.

Due to Covid-19, unfortunately no Erasmus+ mobilities to Thailand and from Thailand to Austria could be carried out.

To maintain the good cooperation and to discuss the next steps for future mobilities of students and university staff, the representatives of both universities met online on June, 15th 2021.

The president of CRRU expressed his appreciation to the PHSt. In his speech he once more emphasized the importance of the impact of on-site mobilities especially in the context of intercultural learning in teacher education.

The Institute of Diversity Management and International Relations is very proud of this cooperation and we are looking forward to become actively mobile again as soon as possible. Students or staff from the PHSt interested in taking part in the cooperation please contact: Marlene.Grabner@phst.at

Susanne Linhofer and Marlene Grabner
for the international team